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I do not have an iPad nor do I use Office 365 (though there is a free 30 day trial offer that would be worth trying if I did have an iPad), so I have not had a chance to test out the new app. From the reviews I have read though I think it is safe to conclude that this app is NOT for the hardcore Excel user. The reason for this is that a lot of the advanced features that make the desktop version of Excel a power-horse; such as VBA, pivot tables, conditional formatting, array formulas, and external data connections; are either not available or only readable (not creatable) on IOS. This means that the app is pretty much limited to data entry and basic calculations and data manipulation. As an on the go tool this app most likely will come in handy, but most users should not expect to give up their desktop versions of Excel.


That all being said I love innovation and the fact that Microsoft actually created something for an Apple IOS device. Also the fact that you can now create, store, and edit Word and PowerPoint documents on your iPad definitely adds value to the new app. If you have an iPad and Office 365 than I say you may as well at least try it out, and should you decide to here are some tips and tricks that will likely be useful.

Office for iPad: Tips and Tricks | IT PRO.