Who is Tyler Rozelle?

Everybody has their areas of expertise. My areas are Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis, and Productivity; especially Excel. The one really cool thing about Microsoft Excel is that it is extremely useful for both Data Analysis and Productivity. I have personally used Microsoft Excel quite extensively to perform data analysis and increase productivity. During my prior employment I saved the company thousands of dollars a year through productivity improvements involving Microsoft Excel. At the same time I enabled my department to do more data analysis with less work with streamlined data analysis solutions.

My goal is to help other individuals and companies learn how to master Microsoft Excel and use it to perform better Data Analysis and increase Productivity. I am also very passionate about increasing overall work productivity. If you are interested in learning more then check out my Blog Page or connect with me via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Email. I look forward to connecting with you.

Tyler Rozelle
Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis, Productivity, and Technology
Bainbridge, NY